The Goodness of God Shines in the Heart of Cruzeiro do Sul, Acre, Brazil

Sr.M.IneteForty years ago seven brave and courageous Sisters of Notre Dame set down their feet in Acre. They were women attracted by the goodness of God and his provident care. Called by Jesus Christ, they consecrated their lives to continue the mission of Jesus. Marked with a missionary spirit, these women desired to follow the example of Jesus. They went as missionaries to this unknown territory.

Forty years later, on August 13, 2011, the people of Cruzeiro do Sul honored and publicly recognized Sister Maria Inete Della Senta, who was one of the first missionaries and who died in 2004, and acknowledged the presence and appreciation of the Sisters of Notre Dame. The Congregation of the Sisters of Notre Dame was commended for its important service to health, education, and evangelization in the whole state of Acre.

With the inauguration of the Maternity Hospital and the Children’s Hospital in Juruá, these health centers were dedicated in remembrance of Sister Maria Inete, “the great missionary.”

HospialNameAcreThe presence of the Sisters, relatives, and friends of Sister Maria Inete demonstrated their gratitude, love, and appreciation for her commitment to this great work. Her greatness lies in her love which became service in favor of life-giving actions.

The Sisters of Notre Dame are grateful for the public recognition given to Sister Maria Inete for her dedication to the people of Cruzeiro do Sul. In this acknowledgment weco include the many Sisters who throughout these 40 years gave their energy, life, commitment, and proficiency to this great ministry.

The beauty of the sun points us to the greatest light: Jesus Christ, light of the world, last horizon of all evangelization. HE is the one who warms our hearts and makes the land of our history fruitful.

HospitalAcreWe are grateful for the seeds of hope sowed in the hearts of so many of our brothers and sisters. Surely the goodness of God shines in many hearts.

May Sister Maria Inete, missionary and pilgrim, continue to protect and nurture the health of these people whom she loved and served.