Walking along the valley of Himalayas for the Mission of Jesus, Patna, India

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The world is in need of liberation! The sisters at Sumbuck are engaged in a noble ministry of caring for the differently abled children. This mission is very challenging and needs great sacrifice to reach the children’s home crossing hills and valleys. The Sisters regularly visit the families of all the differently abled near and far to offer counselling, guidance, and help the parents to accept and care for their special child.  Now the parents are more open and eager to get help so that their child can live like normal children. The parents are awakened to identify the abilities of their children and encourage them.


We conduct a number of activities and provide devices through which many children are able to walk or sit up. They are able to take care of their own basic needs. The parents bring their children to the centre twice a week for Physiotherapy. They are encouraged to see the improvement of their child. Many of them are sent to various schools and receive scholarship for their studies. The sisters arrange for their conveyance to school and back. The Sisters are instrumental in making government schemes accessible to them.

When there is love in our hearts nothing can stop us from doing good for God’s children. In this year of Mercy, compassion overflows to the needy. We make use of every opportunity to reach out with love and make a difference in the lives of these children whom the society shuns.  Notre Dame School at Sumbuck educates some of these special children.