Germany ~ Coesfeld

Germany_coesfeldMaria Regina Province

Coesfeld, Germany

Established 2008 (Originally founded in 1850)

Merger of Mülhausen, Coesfeld, and Vechta Provinces

The title, “Sisters of Notre Dame of Coesfeld,” distinguishes our congregation from the many other Sisters of Notre Dame. On Süring Street in Coesfeld, Hilligonde Wolbring and Elisabeth Kühling gathered the first group of needy children whose parents were unable to care for them. As the number of children grew, St. Annatal, a large estate that was a former convent became their new home on April 2, 1850.

From Coesfeld, the sisters spread to other parts of Germany, including Mülhausen and Vechta, which later became provinces. In 1950, the centennial year of the congregation, Superior General Mother Mary Vera purchased an estate across the street from the site of war-damaged St. Annatal to serve as the provincial center of the Coesfeld province and to re-establish our congregation in Coesfeld.

A new provincial house was constructed called “Kloster Annenthal” (in remembrance of the old “St. Annatal”) where the sisters had been living since 1978.

In 2008, the Mülhausen, Coesfeld, and Vechta provinces merged to form one German province of the Sisters of Notre Dame centered in Coesfeld, the birthplace of our Congregation.

 The Province celebrates August 22, the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, as its Patronal Feast.


  • Care of the Elderly
  • Communications
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Food Service
  • Formation for Religious Life
  • Health Care
  • Homes for Students, Working Women, Children, and Youth
  • Hospice Work
  • Hospital Pastoral Ministry
  • Kindergartens
  • Mission Work in Uganda
  • Nursing
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Social Work
  • Vocation Awareness Programs
  • Work with Handicapped People
  • Youth Ministry


Germany—Coesfeld Province
Schwestern Unserer Lieben Frau
Haus Julia
Gerlever Weg 33
48653 Coesfeld
Phone: 025 41/72 08-300

Contact Sister
Schwester Maria Christina Drees, SND –

Vocation Director
Schwester Maria Elisabeth Siegbert, SND –

Associate Director
Schwester Maria Egina Kordes, SND –

Volunteer Coordinator
Sr. Josefa Maria Bergmann, SND –

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