Notre Dame RPP Center that makes God known in a unique way

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RPP(Religious Pedagogical Practice), one of the ministries of Regina Pacis Province, Korea, is a particular method of catechesis introducing beautiful paths to Jesus.

Participants express themselves or embody a Bible story on the floor, using natural objects and other materials such as cloth, pictures, and beads.

RPP brings inner joy to people of a wide age range and helps them strengthen their faith. Therefore, this pedagogy is used for religious education and other areas, including retreats, storytelling, personality formation, ecology education, etc.

This method is also called Kett Pedagogy after its German founder, Franz Kett. It is spreading widely to other European countries and was introduced to Korea through our province.

Sr. Marie Anima and Sr. Maria Claret from the Korean RPP Center participated in an open seminar in Germany, where they also gave a workshop.

We hope many more people will build happy communities in God through RPP.