Africa ~ Moçambique ~ Jécua & Chimoio

Jécua and Chimoio Missions

Moçambique, Africa

Established 1993

Province of the Holy Cross Passo Fundo, RS-Brazil

At the invitation of Bishop João Francisco Silota, the sisters of the Passo Fundo, Brazil, province opened a mission station “Ad Gentes” in Mozambique on October 1, 1993. After several months of inculturation, the four pioneer sisters were asked to take responsibility for the Multipurpose Center of Formation in Marera.

For five years the sisters went as an itinerant team to various locations in suburbs and villages, giving free assistance, courses in evangelization, catechesis, home health care and leadership. With financial help from Germany, they built three community schools. In 2000, at the request of the bishop, the sisters transferred their residence to Jécua where they took over “Lar Cristo Rei,” the boarding school for young women from age 12 to 24 who study in public schools.

In 2001, the sisters established a formation house in Chimoio, the capital of Mozambique’s Manica Province. The formation house provides a place for the sisters to assist young women in discerning their vocation.


  • Administration of the Boarding School
  • Education
  • Formation for Religious Life
  • Health Care
  • Pastoral Ministry and Catechesis
  • Supervision of  Students
  • Training Youth in Practical Arts and Orientation for Life
  • Vocation Awareness Programs


Mozambique—Chimoio Mission
Irmãs de Notre Dame
Cx. Postal 316
2.200 Chimoio,
Phone: (00 258) 82 57 57 940

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