[JPIC News] The power of small step

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Sisters from Regina Pacis Province in Incheon opened the new year by reflecting on Mary at the wedding in Cana. Remembering our call to care for all creatures, we contemplated Mary, who said, “They have no wine.”. We asked ourselves how we could regain joy in the place where the joy had been lost running out of wine.

In particular, the strong earthquake that hit Japan on New Year’s Day awakened us to the reality that our common home is gradually collapsing due to the climate crisis, and the vague fear that we have reached the tipping point has been confirmed. By making picket signs and campaigns, as a practice of the first faith sharing of the new year, the sisters decided to inform people of the climate emergency and to urge the community members and more people to change their perceptions and take action to protect our common home.

The sisters, joined by the community members, collaborators, and staff, made signs and decorated aprons to raise awareness of the climate crisis. They took pictures of each other and shared them on social media. Some sisters, holding signs and wearing aprons, picketed in the streets to get their message noticed.

This event has a significant meaning since it was the first practice in which most members participated. Using this experience as a steppingstone, we hope that we can live as today’s prophets, who take the next step toward action and solidarity against the climate crisis, and that many people who saw our campaign also experienced a change in perception so they will help to protect creation.​