Perpetual Profession in the Mission of Mozambique

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On January 6 and 13, 2024, the Sisters of Notre Dame in Mozambique were blessed with the celebration of the perpetual profession of Sisters Maria Ema Virgínia Argumassa and Turesse Marie Linado. With gratitude and praise, we witnessed God´s continuous call as he summoned two young women to work in His vineyard.

On January 6th, the anticipation of the São Francisco de Assis community in Chimoio gave way to the joy of participating in the celebration of the perpetual consecration of a Sister. Expressions like “We have never seen anything like this in our Church” and “Only God can give us such a clear sign of His presence among us” echoed throughout the day. Bishop Antonio Juliasse Sandromo, the current Bishop of Pemba (Cabo Delgado), was honored to preside over the Eucharistic Celebration. As a priest in the Diocese of Chimoio, he had been Sister M. Ema’s mentor during her religious vocation discernment.

Throughout the celebration, the local people enthusiastically demonstrated the depth of the faith that permeates their lives. After the Holy Mass, everyone proceeded to Notre Dame School, where a festive lunch was served and where the expressions of joy and gratitude continued for Sister M. Ema’s generous “Yes” to God, as shown by her consecration of herself as a Sister of Notre Dame.

For six months, the people at the Santo Antonio Parish, Machipanda, had offered their prayers for Sister Turesse Marie Linado as they prepared for her Perpetual Profession. On the 13th, they arrived from their villages filled with joy and faith. Since the small church was unable to accommodate the more than 500 people who gathered for the ceremony, the Eucharistic Liturgy was replaced by outdoor Mass. Small tarps were erected to protect the congregation from the scorching sun. Songs, rituals, drumming, dances, and hymns in the Chimanica language marked the celebration, which was presided over by Father Francisco Sinate, Apostolic Administrator.

Sister Turesse Marie shared this message: “With the grace of God, the celebration took place in my homeland, which was very meaningful for my people and me. In a poor, simple, and humble environment, but prepared with love, I made my perpetual consecration, desiring to give myself, to consume myself until death.” After the Eucharistic celebration, the participants were invited for lunch, which was prepared by the parish community of Machipanda.

We, the Sisters in Mozambique, are deeply grateful to all the Sisters who accompanied us with their fervent prayers during this time of grace and blessing. Likewise, we would like to acknowledge the supportive presence of Sisters M. Rosa Hoelscher and Margarete Cerutti, the Passo Fundo Provincial Council members. Undoubtedly, the month of January 2024 will always hold a special place in our memories, as well as in the life and mission of our communities.