Papua New Guinea ~ Kumdi

PNG_Kumdi_schoolHoly Trinity Mission

Papua New Guinea, Kumdi WHP

Established 1961

Immaculate Conception Province, USA

In 1961, four Sisters of Notre Dame from the Toledo province in the United States arrived in the Banz area of the Western Highlands in Papua New Guinea. They and the missionaries who followed after them came in a spirit of joy and trust to give witness to God’s caring love in this remote area. Since 1973, young women from Papua New Guinea have joined the Sisters of Notre Dame to continue to witness to God’s goodness in this beautiful land.


  • Catechesis
  • Education
  • Pastoral Care Of AIDS Patients
  • Faith Formation
  • Secretarial Work
  • Women’s Empowerment


Sisters of Notre Dame
P.O. Box 164
Mt. Hagen, W.H.P.
Papua New Guinea
Phone: 675/ 542-1387

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