Leadership Workshop

Leadership-workshop-(10)_w300Leadership Workshop

The Sisters in the Formation Conference spent Thursday, November 21, participating in segments of the Leadership Workshop that is part of General Visitation.  The following models were presented in language groups:  Transformational Leadership, Active Apostolic Religious Life, Prophetic Religious Life, and The Healthy and Unhealthy Organization.  November 22 was the conclusion of that portion of the Conference dealing with initial formation in particular. During the first ten days of the conference, Sister Maria Alcidia began the day prayer using Lectio Divina.  On the morning of November 22, Sister gave practical ideas on prayer and creating an atmosphere of prayer for our formees.  Leadership-workshop-(14)_w300Following the presentation on prayer, Sister Mary Kristin led the whole group in a process to identify the profile of a Sister of Notre Dame and conditions that promote the development of such a person.

Spirituality Renewal Workshop

The Spirituality Renewal designed to assist the Congregation to deepen our understanding of our SND spirituality is being shared with the participants of the Formation Conference. The renewal consists in a two week workshop and a one week retreat.  On November 23 the formators began the Spirituality Workshop.  The sisters are working in language groups during most of the day and coming together for an integration session at the end of the day.  The first two days of the workshop are designed to help the participants understand our SND realities and the world in which we live.  During the next phase of the workshop the sisters enter into God experiences. Sister Mary Kristin explained to the formators that this is a time for their personal renewal.  Let us keep our sisters in prayer as they delve deeper into our SND Spirituality.

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