ND Julia Billiart Hospital Inaugurates Outpatient Medical Specialties Structure

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Não-Me-Toque, Brazil

The involvement and commitment to the health care of the Não-Me-Toque community by the Sisters of Notre Dame began in 1949 through the ND Julia Billiart Hospital. Currently, the sisters and the hospital directors ensure that excellent services, a qualified and experienced group of professionals and the necessary investments, are provided.

Therefore, on June 9, 2018, the Hospital which belongs to the Holy Cross Province, Passo Fundo inaugurated a new Outpatient Medical Specialties Structure in order to provide a variety of health care services to the regional community. The new structure aims to optimise the procedures in relation to patients´care and greater satisfaction for life.

Another significant difference in the outpatient medical specialties structure is the preventive care especially for women. Brazil´s Ministry of Health aims to promote and improve the life and health conditions of Brazilian women by simplifying access to prevention, assistance and recovery of health conditions in the entire Brazilian territory. Through the new outpatient facility, the ND Julia Billiart Hospital becomes part of this national network of services.

“Expect everything from the good God and have unlimited confidence in His infinite goodness.”

-Saint Julie Billiart