Different Way of logging in Gmail

When you want to open your gmail of snd1.org, actually there are two ways of doing so.

1. Type gmail.com in the address bar and log in.



In this case, you have to type your user name as the form of   *******@snd1.org. You need to add the part @snd1.org.

2. There is another way use can access your snd1.org gmail, which is using the webmail icon on the menu bar next to the reserved.


Go to webmail and click on it.



The page will ask you to type in the username and password.

Please look at the box after username, beneath of the box there is already @snd1.org  written.

This means you don’t have to type @snd1.org at all.

Just type the first part and then your own password.


Then you are in your snd1.org gmail.


But, this method is only used when you use the webmail in snd1.org webpage.

Please make sure when you log in the reserved, you have to type the entire username including @snd1.org.