Sister Mary Ronauld    

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Immaculate Conception Province, USA

Date and Place of Birth:            December 18, 1925   Cleveland, Ohio
Date and Place of Profession:  August 16, 1946         Cleveland, Ohio
Date and Place of Death:          February 9, 2023       Health Care Center, Chardon, Ohio
Date and Place of Burial:          February 15, 2023     Resurrection Cemetery, Chardon

Dorothy was the third of four children born to Bernard and Margaret (Connors) Frohnapple. Family life during the depression years was simple yet peaceful, days filled with fun activities and gatherings. Faith and strong, lasting family bonds were nurtured. Their German/Irish heritage was valued and celebrated. Dorothy and her siblings often went door-to-door selling their mother’s home-made fudge to help supplement their father’s income.

Dorothy attended St. Philomena School and then St. Francis School where she met the Sisters of Notre Dame. She appreciated the way the Sisters taught about Jesus and began to realize a call to religious life. For her last two years of high school, Dorothy entered Notre Dame Academy in Cleveland as an aspirant and became a postulant on February 2, 1944. At investment she received the name Sister Mary Ronauld.

Sister’s dedication to the ministry of elementary education as teacher, principal and tutor spanned seven decades. She earned a bachelor’s degree from St. John College in Cleveland and a master’s degree from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sister Mary Ronauld was an outstanding, dynamic first grade teacher. Her ability to establish a genuine rapport with each student was a gift. “I love all children” she said. “They energize me, especially the little ones.” For six years she served as a demonstration teacher and mentor for students at the Campus School of Catholic University in Washington, DC.

For more than twenty years Sister ministered as a principal with a broad vision and innovative strategies to promote a good learning environment. Educational experiences fostered a positive attitude toward learning. Students, teachers and parents found her approachable and welcoming, eager to share and reflect God’s love. Sister Mary Ronauld served as a Regional Superior for six years, interested in the life and ministry of each sister. She was instrumental in initiating the Pilgrimage Tours to Washington, DC and surrounding areas, enjoyed by the sisters for many years.

As she tried to remain “fiercely independent,” these last years of declining health were challenging. Even so, she used and treasured every opportunity to deepen her relationship with God. Sister’s family and friends were a source of energy as she held their joys and concerns in daily prayer.

Sister Mary Ronauld loved her religious life and all those she had touched each day. She was a wonderful reflection of the love of God within. May she rest in peace.