Sister Veni Maria   

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Our Lady of Aparecida Province, Canoas, RS – Brazil

Date and Place of Birth:              February 23, 1954           Júlio de Castilhos, RS
Date and Place of Profession:    January 29, 1978             Canoas, RS
Date and Place of Death:            June 27, 2023                   Ernesto Dornelles Hospital, Porto Alegre
Date and Place of Burial:            June 27, 2023                   Convent Cemetery, Canoas

“Come and see… and they remained with Him…” Jn 1:39

At that time, walking along the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus called to Him those He wanted. In the same way, in the early hours of June 27, 2023, he passed through Our Lady Aparecida Province and called Sister Veni Maria to be with Him. The “mystery of God” is unfathomable and surprising!

God looked upon the family of Benevenuto João and Maria Burin Garlet, and their ten children, one of whom had already departed for eternity. He chose two young women, Veni and Dalva, invited them to “come and see” (Jn 1:39) and they promptly followed in the footsteps of the Master.

Both girls grew up in a religious, prayerful, and faith-filled atmosphere, in a family engaged and committed to the Pastoral Care of the Church. Devotion to Our Lady was also a traditional family practice. Both Sister Veni Maria and Sister Maria Dalva loved to spend the beginning of the New Year with their family. When gathered, they shared stories and memories with a great sense of humor; enjoyed good music, delicious barbecue, and ‘chimarrão’, all characteristic features of their family.

In the 1970’s the two young women enrolled in the boarding school at Maria Rainha School, Júlio de Castilhos. Living with the Sisters and enchanted by the Notre Dame charism and mission, both girls wholeheartedly followed the Lord’s call. On February 27, 1975, they began their postulancy. After completing their Novitiate, on January 29, 1978, Sister Veni Maria and Sister Maria Dalva made their Promises of Fidelity.

Jesus takes into His hands the future of those who follow Him. Throughout her 69 years of life, He accompanied and guided Sister Veni Maria on different paths, whether they were of achievements or personal struggles, as well as in her apostolic mission. Sister received a teaching certificate from Colégio Maria Auxiliadora and a bachelor´s degree in Accounting Sciences from Faculdades Canoenses. She also attended a specialization course in the area of Personal & Professional Coaching Methodologies and spent a year in England studaying English.

For some years, Sister Veni Maria ministered as a teacher at several Notre Dame Schools where she enjoyed interacting with the children. Later, she served as the accountant and treasurer for our schools and also did the accounting for the Province. Sister also served as a provincial councilor and a local superior in several communities. She was an intellectual person who loved reading and studying. She was a critical and reflective thinker, who willingly shared her knowledge at various meetings and gatherings. In her leisure time, she enjoyed playing cards and virtual games. She was an enthusiastic supporter of her soccer team, thrilled with its achievements and saddened by its defeats.

In the hymn for the 100 Anniversary of the SND´s in Brazil, we sing: “In the traces of the good God we are writing our history”. Sister Veni Maria was an active participant in writing this history during the 45 years of her religious life. Most recently, she was a member of the Colégio Maria Auxiliadora community, where over the last few years her health had begun to deteriorate. Although she underwent tests in all areas, the result did not detect silent cancer that was spreading in her body and was also the reason for her death. At the end of her pilgrimage on earth resounded the voice of the Lord: Veni, come, and enjoy the eternal joy.