Carnival in Kloster Annenthal, Coesfeld

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After a three-year pandemic break, Carnival returned with kettledrums and trumpets to Kloster Annenthal by the visit of the Carnival Club the „Die-La-Hei“ (The Laughing Homeland) on Women’s Carnival.

Everything was festively prepared. The entrance area was decorated, and the large refectory too; the sisters from all over the house had gathered when the „Die-La-Hei“ arrived.

The program was enjoyed by all, the performers and the audience. The very young children were delighted with their dances. Prince Mike gave a speech and presented the carnival medal, and the children’s prince and princess introduced themselves. The dancing girls danced enchantingly. With lively music, we all got moving swaying, and parading to the music.

After the almost one-hour program, all the sisters and staff were thirsty for coffee and were delighted with doughnuts and chocolate kisses.

A big Thank You to the „Die-La-Hei“ for this wonderful afternoon!

Report and photos: Sr. Josefa Maria Bergmann