Vietnamese Sisters’ Perpetual Profession

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Feb. 18, 2023 was a day full of joy for the Sisters of Notre Dame in Vietnam because Sr. Paula Maria and Sr. Marie Agnesta made their Perpetual Vows, whereby, the two sisters dedicated themselves to God in the spirit, charism and mission of Notre Dame. The 9 o’clock Mass was concelebrated by Rev. Giuse Nguyen Nang, the Archbishop of Ho Chi Minh Diocese, Rev. Phanxico Xavie Nguyen Xuan Quang, the pastor of Tan Dan parish and 20 other priests who are our collaborators in the parish church located next to our Tan Binh community in Ho Chi Minh City.

Sr. Marie Julia, the provincial superior, Sr. Marie Immanuel, the first assistant, Sr. Maria Dominica and Sr. Marie Philia came to Vietnam to attend the ceremony and congratulated them on behalf of all the sisters of Regina Pacis Province.

The Mass lasted about two hours. In attendance were the families of the two sisters and parishioners. The beautiful songs that the parish choir sang made the eucharistic celebration more solemn and the banner that the pastor created himself added a festive atmosphere. He thanked our congregation in Vietnam, for working with poor children. He expressed full encouragement and support by saying to us in his homily, “You are doing the most important ministry in the world.’’

The Mass was followed by a congratulatory program which included a dance by candidates and postulants, a professed sisters’ song and another song by priests and parishioners. The program enhanced the joyful mood even further. This celebration went on till the evening. After supper the grace-filled day ended with sisters from the community once again congratulating the newly perpetually professed sisters.

May our good God continue to bless the work of our congregation through the life and ministry of Sister Paula Maria and Sister Marie Agnesta.