Colégio Notre Dame Celebrates 100th Anniversary (2)

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To celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding and the long trajectory of achievements and accomplishments, the principal at Colégio Notre Dame and her leadership team put together a special agenda with many specific activities and festivities.

One of these activities was the performance of a symbolic embrace of the school, as the students began the 100-day countdown to June 7 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Colégio’s existence. Inside the building, a timeline composed of photographs and texts illustrated the most relevant events of the school’s long existence.

The centennial activities also reached out to the alumni. Graduates, who had attended the school until 1980, came together to share treasured memories of their time as students at Colégio Notre Dame.

The school calendar still holds two very important events for 2023: the ‘VII Notre Dame National Youth Gathering’ and a ‘Christmas Cantata’ marking the presence of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Brazil.