Interprovincial Community, Campos Novos, Brazil

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The Sisters of Notre Dame always show great affection for Campos Novos since it is the place where, in 1950, occurred the miracle that allowed for the completion of the canonization process of our spiritual Mother, St. Julie Billiart.

In this city, Our Lady Aparecida Province maintains a community for the specific ministry of catechesis. This ministry dates back to the origins of the Congregation and we are committed to its continuation, despite the reduced number of Sisters.

Faced with this challenge, Sister Vania Maria and her council asked the Holy Cross Province for help. Sister Maria Dirce and her council promptly accepted the request and provided a Sister to join the community to help in the ministry at the St. John the Baptist´s Parish.

Therefore, on February 21, Sister Maria Danieli, from the Holy Cross Province, arrived in Campos Novos to begin the experience of the first interprovincial community in Brazil, joining Sisters Helena Maria Dalmaso and Maria Silvia Stigger, from Our Lady Aparecida Province. When doing their community planning for the year, the Sisters focused on getting to know each other, ways of sharing, the importance of listening, and organizing of their activities.

The common mission, charism and ministry unite the Sisters, especially in the field of catechesis, which takes place every day of the week. In early May, catechesis classes in person were resumed, respecting all the Covid-19 protocols. From April 29 to May 2, Sisters Maria Danieli and Maria Silvia participated in the first part of the 14th Regional Catechetical Workshop held in Capinzal. The theme was “The Christian Kerygma”.

The Sisters are grateful for being part of the interprovincial community initiative, for the continuation of the relevant ministry of catechesis, and for the opportunity to continue evangelizing the beloved people of Campos Novos.