Hospitality and Support

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With the new General Government in place, the Chapter members are now focusing on the completion of the Chapter Document, which will include our themes and direction for the next 6 years.



The work of the Chapter has been wonderfully supported by the hospitality of the local community at Kloster Annenthal and the availability of Sister Lucia Maria, the local superior, who is also a member of the Chapter. “I was elected to represent the European Province for the 2022 General Chapter,” shared Sr. Lucia. “I have lived for 6 years in Kloster Annenthal. It is a beautiful experience to meet sisters from all over the world. They have expressed their great gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the work of this Chapter at the birthplace of our Congregation.”

A few chapter members are sleeping at Kloster Annenthal, and once a week, Chapter members have attended Mass there. The Kolping Bildungsstätte staff have also been exceptional, preparing delicious meals each day, cleaning our rooms, and helping with any needs that arose.

We are particularly grateful to Sister Maria Reinhild from Kloster Annenthal who has graciously cared for all our laundry needs. Every morning Sister drives to the Kolping-Bildungsstätte, picks up the daily laundry, and brings it back the next day. This service is deeply appreciated by the members of the Chapter.