Let us celebrate life! Canoas, Brazil

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Living is to celebrate! Loving is to celebrate!

On March 22, 2017, we celebrated the gift of life of our dear Sisters Maria Agostinha and Maria Electis.

Sister Maria Electis, who is 113 years old, is the oldest Sister in the Congregation and the oldest person in Brazil. Her birthday is on March 23. Sister Maria Agostinha is 97 and the second oldest in the Province. Her birthday is on March 22.

Cora Coralina, a Brazilian author, writes:

“I don´t know if life is

too short or too long for us,

but what I know is that our lives have no meaning

if we do not touch the heart of others…”

Thank you, dear Sisters for your witness of Religious Consecrated Life.

Thanks for your joy that is always engaging.

Thanks for your mission in the apostolate of presence.

Thanks for your love to the good and provident God.

Thanks for your daily consecration to Mary, our mother and patroness.