Concrete Gesture Project Reaches Its Eleventh Edition! Passo Fundo, Brazil

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To celebrate the Day of the Physiotherapist on October 13, the Notre Dame Hospitals – Júlia Billiart, Não-Me-Toque and São Sebastião, Espumoso – held the Eleventh Edition of the Concrete Gesture Project. The solidarity campaign aims to assist children who are socially vulnerable and help them with their basic needs. For each edition, the Sisters create a unique t-shirt which can be exchanged for a kit containing basic items needed by the children such as food, school supplies, hygiene materials and even toys.

This year, about 200 children benefited from the project. The participating schools were Tia Nastácia and Tia Sibyla in Não-Me-Toque and the Municipal School of Early Childhood Education, in Espumoso.

Sister Margarete Cerutti, the Project Coordinator, thanked all the people directly or indirectly involved and highlighted the importance of the project when she stated:

 “Our joy is immense! The smiles of the children we experienced during the distribution of the kits motivates us to continue! We nurture the conviction that through this project we are bringing joy and love to these little ones.”

She also thanked all the sponsors who, through their generosity, make this project possible every year.