New Foundation in Thrikkaipetta, Kerala, India

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July 9th was a significant day for Assumption province as Srs. Mary Jyostna and Mamta were missioned to incarnate the love and provident care of God to the people of Thrikkaipetta, Kerala and our newest mission. Trikaipatta is a small scenic farming village in Wayanad District under Calicut diocese In Kerala.

August 2nd was a very auspicious day for the province as our convent was blessed during a concelebrated Mass by Rev. Bishop Vargheese Chakalackil, Bishop of Calicut and 12 other priests along with many other religious, family members and the people of Parish. The blessing itself was an experience of God’s provident care and goodness when the sun was shining brightly that morning after many days of continuous rain which tested everyone’s faith.

The cooperation and the hard work extended by the Parish priest, Rev. Fr. Sanal D’Souza and the people of the people were commendable. Rev. Bishop in his homily profusely thanked the Sisters of Notre Dame for our presence over there and reminded the people of their responsibility to make the sisters part of their life. The newly formed parish, St. George Church has 90 catholic families and is 1 ½ km away from the convent.  Our convent is surrounded by catholic families.

At present the two sisters are engaged in family visits, catechetical work and other parish activities and exploring and surveying the area. After the blessing everyone shared a sumptuous meal together prepared and served by our parishioners. We pray that our presence in Trikkaipetta, Kerala may enable the people to experience the goodness of our good God.

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