New leadership team of Regina Pacis Province, Incheon

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On Sep. 2, 2023, Sister Marie Julia and her council members officially handed over six years of service as provincial superior to Sister Marie Justina and the new leadership team in the installation ceremony.

For this, Sister Mary Ann, the Superior General, and her assistants Sister Marie So-Wha and Sister Maria Nonata visited Korea. The ceremony which around 130 sisters attended, began with a procession of sisters presenting a flower basket, a candle, the constitutions, a bible, and the provincial flag. Sister Marie Julia thanked the whole province for their support and prayers. Sister Mary Ann also expressed gratitude to Sister Marie Julia for fulfilling the six years of responsibility as a provincial superior and to her team, Sisters Marie JungHae, Marie Ignazia, Marie Thoma, Marie Immanuel, Maria Dominica, and Marie Yeong Ju for their service for three years as well as Sister Maria Philia for her six years of service.

As new provincial councilors who will assist Sister Marie Justina, in working for Regina Pacis Province for three years, the names of Sisters Marie Paulo, Marie Young Ju, Marie Gaudia, and Marie Philipa were called during the ceremony. The new provincial leadership team and the members of the province blessed one another with the promise of prayers and support.

In the inaugural address, Sister Marie Justina asked the sisters to achieve miracles of transforming water into wine in our religious communities, the church, and the world through our lives that will witness God’s goodness and provident care. She encouraged us to follow Mary’s instruction in the wedding of Cana, “Do whatever he tells you.” (John 2:5) and Jesus’ words “Fill the jars with water.”(John 2:7)

The installation was followed by a festive meal, which was also the opportunity to express our grateful hearts to the outgoing team and to wish the Holy Spirit’s blessings on the incoming team.