Teachers’ Conference in Buseesa, Uganda

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The Headteachers, Deputies, and Academics in charge of all the Notre Dame schools in the Holy Spirit General Delegation had a conference on July 12, 2023, in Uganda.

They were heartily welcomed by the Sisters, staff, and students of St. Julie Model Primary School and Notre Dame Academy Secondary School. The songs and dances of the students were so creative and very well done.  The visitors felt proud to be one with their Ugandan counterparts.

The first activity done together was a friendly match of volleyball and netball between the visiting staff and hosting staff. Everyone had a good time together.

During the conference, these were the topics:

  1. The Four Pillars of Education by Sister Mary Elizabeth
  2. Discipline of students and teachers by two teachers from St. Julie Model Primary School
  3. Core Values and Culture by Sister Mary Teresa Kimario
  4. House System by a teacher from Shinyanga, Tanzania
  5. Academic Progress at Notre Dame Academy and St. Julie Model Primary School by two teachers.
  6. Strategies planned to improve the schools and win the trust of the surrounding communities by Sister Mary Rozaria.
  7. Methods to improve the institutions, to do team building, and to appreciate the work, which is already being done, conducted by Sister Mary Christine.

The group asked for clarifications and appreciated the various input sessions. During the brainstorming sessions, they considered new ways to move forward as educators of Notre Dame.

It was a fruitful conference and the group thanked Sister Mary Rozaria for organizing the program. They all look forward to the next meeting next year.