2018 Provincial Assembly in Regina Pacis Province in Incheon


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On February 24 and 26, 2018, a Provincial Assembly met in Regina Pacis Province in Incheon. This gathering consisted of various components: a six-year vision for the Province from 2018 to 2023; a portion of the in-service program given in the Generalate last autumn; an overview of preparations for future ministries; a presentation of an action plan by the provincial JPIC animator; and other announcements.

Based on the 2016 General Chapter Vision Statement, the six-year provincial plan was shared under the main theme, Incarnation of the Love of the Trinity: Living Incarnational Spirituality, with sub-points of Life-giving Relationships and plans for each year in accordance with these subthemes.  Following this, Sr. Marie Julia addressed the sisters on emerging phenomena in religious life across the world, vowed life and its effects from new perspectives, and Notre Dame profiles. Then Sr. Marie Ignatia shared part of the in-service workshop for the new provincial leadership in Generalate, followed by the presentation of Sr. Marie Perpetua, who has been trained as a hospice minister for future ministry.

The first day closed with the ceremony of missioning the sisters who were newly assigned. On the following day, the Provincial Assembly concluded with education programs for new local coordinators and community treasurers.