Towards Serene Aging

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At the provincial house in Patna, India, a program titled “Psycho–Sexual Awakening” was presented to two groups of sisters, ages 41–50 years and 51–60 years.  The program was conducted on the 28th– 30th of December 2023, and the 6th and 7th of January 2024. Our beloved Sr. M. Roshni, a well-read, experienced, and rich reservoir of resources on the topic of aging, led us to delve deeply into our inner selves.

Throughout these renewal days, we gained wider knowledge about midlife experiences: their beauty, challenges, and crises. This program opened our eyes to the realities of life, emphasizing the distinction between the first half (1–40 years) and the second half (41–60 years) of life. Her valuable input enabled us to understand that midlife is a transition from self-development to self-transcendence. These sessions challenged us to let God take charge of our lives, to appreciate life’s simple joys, to let go of our own egos, and to respond to all God’s invitations. Deep faith enables us to accept suffering as inevitable and to accept the biological and emotional changes that come with age. Hence, we look forward to growing old gracefully, allowing ourselves to move toward the spiritual awakening, which leads us to experience the fullness of life.

We consider this renewal program as a Christmas gift from Sr. Alice and her team, so we can be better prepared for our life and mission.

Sisters M. Manju Joseph & M. Manjushree, SND