2024 Winter Junior Gathering, Regina Pacis Province, South Korea

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From Jan. 10 to 20, 2024, Juniors in the Regina Pacis Province had a winter gathering. We chose a phrase from St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians: ‘We hold this treasure in earthen vessels.’ (2 Cor 4,7) for the theme of the gathering.

Our first program was a three-day Enneagram workshop guided by Sr. Kim Young Su, a Sister of Charity of Seton Hill. The session, which began with simple curiosity and interest, gradually led us to discover our personality types, the center of our power, the challenges our types face, and our dominant feelings. We understood that the Enneagram is a tool that helps us in our efforts for integrity on the journey toward God. It helps us realize again how precious each person is.

After the workshop, we left for Sokcho on the East Coast. The winter sea that we saw refreshed our minds and hearts. While in Sokcho, we enjoyed a walk on the beautiful seashore, sang songs, shared tasty food, and had long, enriching conversations with one another. These experiences were not possible due to our busy lives.

After returning from this enjoyable trip, we distributed necessary items to those in need with the support of Notre Dame Rehabilitation Center. We were divided into three groups to visit families, talk, pray, and praise God with them. It was an experience of God’s presence and wonder through these encounters where we observed the difficult lives of these hard-working people.

We also helped with some house chores in the provincial house. However small it might be, our service to the community made us happy. Before the gathering ended, we carved a stamp with our reflections about ourselves created by God and the name God calls us.

This time together was a gift in which we grew more into women disciples of Jesus who put our hope in God and became more responsible members of SND. We are genuinely grateful to the sisters who have always prayed for us.