Visiting Diingin Village, Philippines

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On December 30, two congregations-Sisters of Notre Dame and Hospitaler Sisters went to Marivelles in the Parish of St. Nino, where Fr. Vincent minister, (He is the leader of Religious Association in Balanga). After breakfast, sisters and the youth from the parish continued their trip to Diingin village near Koridor Island.  There were 4 cars used for this trip. We had to across the sea to reach the place. Fortunately, it was calm and receding so that we can walk in while the boat carried all things we brought. There are 89 families here, each family has about 6 – 10 members. We have simple mass in the chapel. All the fishermen families attended the mass. Afterwards, we arranged game for the children and dinner brought from the city. This village is part of Santo Nino parish. They are visited every month in the 3rd week of Saturday by Fr.Vincent and 2 other priest from the parish by turn for celebrating mass with the fishermen families in Marivelles in the Koridor Island.