English Language Program

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As January ends, four students are finishing the English language program in the USA. Six months of learning English was very short, but we followed the lessons enthusiastically and happily. Although we are imperfect, we have made good progress and are now more confident in communicating. The English program is essential because we are an international congregation. We are committed to continuing to study English in our countries. Sister Eileen Marie Quinlan is the lead teacher, and she was helped by Sister Mary Therese Grady, Sr Rita Mary Perl, and Sister Mary Ann McFadden.

In the many places of ministry we visited, each sister showed love and dedication to their mission. We saw and felt the sisters’ presence in the schools, the senior residences, and the hospitals. We were impressed by the sisters’ affection, dedication, and professionalism with each student, each patient, and each employee.
When we visited several local communities, the sisters warmly welcomed us, assuring us that we were at home as members of our international congregation. In Cleveland, Covington, Toledo, and Thousand Oaks, we recognized the same family spirit, with the same smiles and the same joy.

During our time in Chardon, we enjoyed and shared American celebrations, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Saint Nicholas. Sr. Oh Song prepared a beautiful Advent prayer service, highlighting the meaning of light in preparation for Christmas.

When the Ohio snow came, we enjoyed sliding on the snow with a sled, building snowmen, and even having snowball fights. It was simply wonderful. After Christmas, we spent three days at the Sisters’ holiday home, Our House, an enchanting and peaceful space. Each of us put our culinary skills into practice by preparing dishes specific to our countries.

In California, we had a new experience of mild weather, mountain scenery, diverse foods, and the ocean, so we learned about the rich, colorful American culture. The sisters in Thousand Oaks provided a restful and enjoyable two weeks.

We are grateful to the Congregation and SND USA for this opportunity. For everything, we give thanks to the Good God.