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Dear Sisters, thank you for your prayers for the Amazon Synod.

The Synod activities are taking place in an atmosphere of great responsibility, respect and commitment. It is a common effort of the Church to look at the Amazon reality and with heart and action to take on the challenges and needs of all peoples of the Pan-Amazonian region.

The daily tasks of the Synod begin with a prayer service. Afterwards, we start the plenary session, when participants can bring their input and reflections. All the topics discussed are related to the Instrumentum Laboris document. This document is available on the website

After a few days of activities, we had a two-days discussion in language groups, which turned out to be a very positive experience. As we begin a new week on Monday the 14th, we will continue with the plenary sessions and the input of participants.

Pope Francis participates at all times except for the language groups. His presence is precious, the presence of a pastor: welcoming, respectful, listening and saying what needs to be said with an encouraging and prophetic approach. He truly is “a person of God.”

Cardinal Claudio Hummes, the Relator General for the Synod, concluding his opening address, stated: “This Synod is like a table that God has prepared for his poor, and he is asking us to serve at that table.”

Another highlight was the Canonization of Sister Dulce on Sunday, the 13th. Now, Saint Dulce, Dulce of the Poor. Sister Dulce is the first Brazilian saint and, the remarkable thing is that she was canonized during the Amazon Synod.

The attendance of women at the Amazon Synod

Some women were invited as auditors, which is my case (Sr. M. Nonata); others were invited as experts and others are special guests.

As auditors, we have the right to speak, but we cannot vote. Let us continue to pray for the good outcome of the Synod. “Step by step, little by little and the path is built.” 

Sister M. Nonata Bezerra, SND