Celebration of International Women’s Day in the Province


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March 8, 2014 echoed all over the world the untiring Journey of Women towards Equality and Justice, with a strong determination that ‘We can turn things around. We can build a better World!’ “Equality for Women is Progress for All” was the theme of the day promoted by the UN Women organization. Many shouted the slogans: “Where men and women have equal rights, Societies Prosper”, “Teach Your Son to Respect Women!’’, “Stop Violence to Women and Girls”.  On this Day, UN Women also launched #HeforShe – a new equality branding campaign, in which men all over the world are being encouraged to speak out against the inequalities faced by women and girls.

We, too, the sisters of the Patna Province, gave our voice and renewed our commitment along with thousands of our grassroots women on March 8 to build a better tomorrow.

Here are some of the clips of the Celebrations in Bihar:

Women’s Day Celebration at Jamalpur – Sister Mary Anupriya SND

JPIC_India_2014_Women-Day_01_reThe International Women’s Day is an occasion for the women of our villages to gather, celebrate and display their talents, on stage before a larger audience.  They know that it is their day, and they will have a great gathering at Notre Dame, Jamalpur. Like every year, this year, too, we had a beautiful celebration. Our chief guest was Mrs. Shipra Devi, the Director of the Women’s Guidance Cell, Munger. Some political leaders and bureaucrats were also there, assuring their support and encouragement to women in their journey of empowerment.  Around 1000 women, adolescent girls and a few men gathered in the Notre Dame School Ground for the celebration. The women and the adolescent girls really touched the hearts of the audience with their thematic presentations on female feticide, child marriage, and dowry, and moved everyone to tears. They sang and danced depicting their daily struggles and the ways they have now found to rise above those struggles. It was a liberating experience for many of these women to see how their life has changed, as they are united now.

JPIC_India_2014_Women-Day_02_reNavjeevan Development Centre, Sasaram – Sister Mary Ajita SND

The Women’s Day Celebration is a major event that our women wait for.  Around 1500 women, from 12 panchayats of the Nokha Block, belonging mostly to the Self Help Groups, cameto the premises of a Government Girls High School at 10.30 AM. Several of them hired tractors or other vehicles to reach there as group. They presented their cultural programmes on the evils of alcoholism, dowry demands, domestic violence, etc. The women communicated their plight under domestic violence and the insecurity that they experience in the society and requested that the audience be sensitive to the plight of women. There were large numbers in the audience, from the market place and passersby from the road.

JPIC_India_2014_Women-Day_03_reWomen’s Day Celebration 2014, Piro- Sister Mary Grace SND

International Women’s Day was celebrated by the Women Self Help Groups of Piro and Charpokari Blocks at Pushpa High School campus, Piro, in Bhojpur District of Bihar.  It is indeed a DAY our women look forward to and have been celebrating for the last eight years.  The women take pride in their contribution to initiate and challenge the world around them to be agents of change. Awakened, they stand together to act on the cause of restoring the dignity and rights of women and girls.

The theme for the day was the Education of Girls. Nearly 600 women participated in the event and brought much color and vitality to the celebration.  The women made sure that their presence and identity was felt, as they sat and talked together, sang and danced with freedom, and discussed and made decisions together. It was indeed an admirable and an enriching day for all.

JPIC_India_2014_Women-Day_04_w630Women’s Day Celebration at Gahiri- Sister Mary Sunanda SND

We, the Sisters of Victoria Mission Gahiri, celebrated the International Women’s Day along with over 1200 women. The day’s programme was highlighted with meaningful cultural items prepared and performed by the Self Help Group (SHG) women.  We were privileged to have the presence of a few priests, sisters and local leaders. The cultural programme was marked by lively skits, beautiful dances, an awareness song, sharing the personal experiences of SHG women, and motivational speeches. The main themes were women empowerment, benefits of being the member of SHG, and the development taking place in the villages. Another theme was the election of the right leader who would stand by people and commit themselves to the welfare of the people. It was indeed a motivational event, generating vitality and positive vibrations in women for change.