Gathering of LGBTQ Community

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The Provincial House Community hosted the gathering of people belonging to LGBTQ Community of Patna on January 29, 2023.  43 persons under the leadership of Dr. Reshma Prasad responded to our invitation and took part in the gathering that began at 11.30 a.m. in the small auditorium of NDA, Patna.

The guests were welcomed to the gathering by a melodious song by our postulants followed by a prayer dance. The theme of the gathering, “Love your neighbour as yourself”, was conveyed through a creative one-act play by the postulants, prepared under the guidance of Sr. M. Prasanna, Sr. M. Jyotitya and Sr. M. Pramila. Sister M. Prisca, as the MC of the gathering, made the day lively and enjoyable by her musical recital of poems.  In her message to the group, Sr. M. Deepika expressed appreciation to the LGBTQ community for their relentless pursuit in obtaining their rights in spite of experiencing humiliation and discrimination from both their own families and society. She encouraged them to be good Samaritans to one another in their struggle for dignity as well as to be bearers of positive energy to one another and thus heal the woundedness they experience from the world.  She reminded the Sisters that in our ministries, we should create awareness that being born as LGBTQ is not a crime and that they should be integrated into society by providing them education and a livelihood.  Dr. Reshma Prasad, in her address to the gathering thanked the Sisters for the acceptance and respect shown to them by arranging this gathering. She also shared that the tailoring centre and beauty parlour financed by the Province (PNDSS) at ‘Garima Grih’, (a Government supported hostel for the LGBTQ), has helped at least 20 persons to earn their living.

The presence of Sisters of the Provincial House community, the new provincial team, and Sr. M. Sreeja added much joy and vibrancy to the gathering. At the end of the programme 100 sarees and lunch packets were distributed to the members. The Sisters had much time to interact with many of the persons who had come for the gathering. Heartfelt thanks to Sr. M. Namita, Sr. M. Jancy and all the Sisters who worked hard to make it a meaningful and enjoyable day for all.

Sr. M. Deepika SND