Young Sisters Gathering India – 2024

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The twenty-five young, vibrant sisters from the Assumption and Visitation Provinces in India, gathered in Patna Provincial House for three days for our grace-filled renewal in 2024.  We want to share some highlights of our renewal experiences.

Our joy-filled journey began with a day of relaxation. With much excitement, we visited the Bihar Museum. Bihar Museum showcases the rich heritage under its state-of-the-art facility, spread over 13 acres. A vast collection of historical artifacts and the finest traditional, folk, and contemporary art forms were also on display, which were a delight for our eyes and were cherished as a slice of Bihar’s soul. Then, we proceeded to Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park and Ecological Park, where we spent quality time with Mother Earth.

The following day, we began our session with an inaugural address by Sr. Mary Alice, Provincial Superior of Assumption Province, where sister rekindled the fire within us to be life-giving community members. Sr. Mary Sujita, our directress, recharged us with a strong, straightforward witness to the spiritual life of a sister of Notre Dame. In our profession groups, we spent the rest of the day sharing how God has worked through us these past years in proclaiming His goodness.

The following day, Sr. Mary Sreeja led us to identify the Conflict Management Styles. Sister encouraged us to find mutuality and common ground amidst the tension. She also oriented us to deal with tension with creativity and courage. We concluded the renewal journey with the spirituality of Jesus, which is marked by radical freedom, radical love, and radical simplicity.

We are very grateful to our dear Sr. M. Chetana, Sr. M. Alice, and Sr. M. Sujita for allowing us to interact and keep the fire burning in our hearts as we journey onward.