Flowerday Morning Art School with DREAM, HOPE & Future, South Korea

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Flowerday Morning Art School is an alternative art school for artistically gifted girls from low income families. The academic credentials of this school are acknowledged as an ordinary high school. It was opened in February, 2011 and 30 girls graduated to date and currently 25 students are present, all living in the school dormitory. Its Korean school name, Hwayoil Achim Art School carries a Chinese character 花, meaning ‘Flower,’ shows a wish that the students may blossom a beautiful life through art.

The first feature of the school, as noted in its name, is linked to art. Besides all subjects of regular school curriculum with its base, art-related subjects such as drawing, water color painting, oil painting, pottery, design, history of art, computer design etc. occupy a significant part. Secondly, all the students reside in the school dormitory. Thirdly, the entire cost of tuition and room is free. The purpose of the school is art education for girls who have artistic talent with financial difficulty. Therefore, the minute girls enter the school, the whole expense is taken care of by the school, even that of the school uniform. This way Flowerday Morning Art School provides a small room of happiness and a cornerstone which leads them to take a big step toward their dream. Regina Pacis Province missioned two sisters on Oct. 1, 2016 on request of Seoul Archdiocese, who are now responsible for dormitory and vocation training.

Oct. 11 – 15, 2017, the students’ art exhibition took place in 1898 Art Gallery of Myungdong Cathedral, which was well visited and its proceeds will be used for necessary expenses after their graduation or for university entries. The financial management of the school entirely depends on donation, but teaching staff and students happily appreciate every day, experiencing God’s love for our young people through His Providence who always grants us just what we need.